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Twitter Blue Tick: You also want ‘Blue Tick’ on Twitter, now you will have to pay $8 every month

Twitter Blue Tick: If you also want 'Blue Tick' on Twitter, then you will have to pay $ 8 (about Rs 660) per month instead.
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Elon Musk Announcement for Blue Tick: Many changes are being seen after Tesla CEO Elon Musk bought the social media platform Twitter.

In this sequence, a change is regarding the payment for Blue Tick subscription. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk has announced the price for ‘Blue Tick’.

If you also want ‘Blue Tick’ on Twitter, then you will have to pay $ 8 (about Rs 660) per month instead. However, there is resentment among the users due to his decision.

‘Blue Tick’ is no longer free

The badge ‘Blue Tick‘ issued after verification on Twitter will no longer be free. For this, users will now have to pay a charge of $ 8 a month.

Let us tell you that Musk, the world’s richest man, completed the acquisition of Twitter on October 27 for $44 billion after a long dispute.

As soon as he took charge, he also removed 4 top officials including the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Parag Agarwal and legal affairs and policy head Vijaya Gadde.

Important to identify fake account

Musk tweeted that power to the people! Blue Tick for $8 per month. He announced that this will give users priority in answering and searching, which is necessary to identify fake accounts.

Musk said that the monthly payment collected from users through Blue Tick will also provide a source of revenue to the company to motivate content creators (creators) on the platform.

Users Objected

Twitter uses blue tick marks to verify the accounts of celebrities, so that the general public can know about the legitimacy of the accounts.

However, Musk’s decision to charge for blue ticks has not gone down well with many users, including author Stephen King, who has been on the platform for a long time.

There are about 7 million ‘followers’ on Stephen’s Twitter platform. Another user Kasturi Shankar also wrote that this is a way to undermine Blue Tick’s verification.

Musk said – will have to pay $ 8

On the criticisms, Musk tweeted that all the complainers….. please keep complaining, but $8 will have to be paid for the Blue Tick.

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