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Start a bindi business with Rs 10,000 and earn lakhs in a short time

Business Idea: There is a savings of more than 50 percent in Bindi's business. In this, you will easily earn up to Rs 50,000 every month.

Business Idea: If you want to earn big money by investing less money, then there are many such businesses in which bumper earnings can be made. Today we are giving you one such business idea. Which can be started in one room of the house. This is Bindi Making Business. This business can be started with a small machine. There is no need to set up any office or factory for this.

7agedppo bindi 625x300 30 October 19

Bindi is the first identity of every married woman. Women and girls definitely use bindi for their makeup. It is one of the 16 makeups. Some time ago there was a demand for only round shaped bindi. But now bindis are being found in many shapes and designs.

Bindi market has become very big these days. According to statistics, a woman uses 12 to 14 packets of bindi in a year. This business can be started by investing Rs 10,000.

For this you will need raw material. Velvet cloth, adhesive glue, crystals, beads etc. will be needed. All these things are easily available in the market.

How to make Bindi?

Initially, there will be a need for a dot printing machine, a dot cutter machine and a gumming machine. Also an electric motor and a hand tool are required. Although one can start with the help of manual machine, as the business grows, one can take Automaton Machines.

How much will you earn?

As far as earning is concerned, this business saves more than 50 percent. If you sell your product properly, then you can easily earn at least 50 thousand rupees every month. The marketing part of this business is the most important. You can supply it to the cosmetic shops of the city.

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