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Layoffs at Amazon 2022: CEO Jeff Bezos to donate $ 124 billion worth of assets

Amazon Firing News, Amazon Starts Firing 10000 Employees: Explain that during the Corona period, Amazon had earned a record profit.
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Amazon Layoff 2022 News: E-commerce company Amazon is preparing to lay off thousands of employees soon. The company can take such steps to reduce the cost. According to a report, Amazon has not made profit in the last quarter and due to this the company can take such a decision.

On the one hand, Amazon can lay off more than 10 thousand employees, on the other hand Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has said that he will donate his wealth of $ 124 billion.

Amazon may lay off 10,000 people

According to the New York Times report, Amazon will remove the employees of the retail division and human resources department along with the Alexa voice assistant.

According to the report, “Amazon made record profits during the COVID-19 pandemic but the company is going into losses after the outbreak of the pandemic is over. Amazon is running at the biggest loss in the last two decades.

If the company lays off 10,000 people, it would be the biggest layoff in Amazon’s history. Let us tell you that more than 16 lakh employees work in Amazon. That is, the company wants to remove about 0.6% of the employees.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has asked some employees to look for other opportunities after a month-long review.

Jeff Bezos will donate his wealth

While talking to CNN in Washington, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that he is building the capacity to donate his wealth.

When asked by a CNN reporter whether he intends to give away most of his wealth during his lifetime, Bezos replied, “Yeah, I do.” Explain that Amazon.com Inc has become the first such public company in the world, whose market value has lost $ 1 trillion .

Along with this, Jeff Bezos said that his move will support those people who are trying to unite humanity despite deep social and political divisions. Bezos said that his partner Lauren Sanchez is also helping him for this.

Explain that the Amazon CEO wants to dedicate a major part of his earnings to fighting climate change.

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