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Deloitte Survey: 75% Of US Merchants Plan To Accept Crypto or Stablecoins In Two Years

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A new survey from accounting giant Deloitte found that most merchants in the United States are preparing to adopt crypto in the near future.

Deloitte conducted a new study that surveyed 2,000 retail executives in the US on topics related to digital assets.

More than 85% of the executives polled stated that enabling crypto payments is a top or very high priority for their businesses.

Within the next two years, nearly three quarters of respondents plan to accept crypto or stablecoin payments. Over half of the surveyed large retailers (with revenues over $500 million) have already invested over $1 million into enabling digital assets payments.

The retailers who accept digital assets say they have experienced a positive impact on their customer metrics 93% of the time.

“Our survey confirms the direction and strength of the trajectory toward broad adoption of digital currency payment solutions across US retail organizations. Respondents understand the value and benefits of such capability and have taken steps toward enablement.

Merchants are listening to their customers and believe that many currently have a significant interest in using digital currencies for payments.”

– Deloitte says,

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