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Critics criticize Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but big companies are not separating because of it

FIFA World Cup 2022: Football World Cup is happening in Qatar. However, all is not well in Qatar, host of the world's biggest football event
fifa world cup

FIFA World Cup 2022: Football World Cup is happening in Qatar. However, all is not well in Qatar, the host of the biggest football event in the world.

Human rights organizations are targeting Qatar over the treatment of homosexual people (LGBTQ) in Qatar. Here some workers who were building the stadium were killed because of homosexuality. Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, the World Cup organization, has already expressed his regret over Qatar being chosen as the host.

However, despite this, no sound of boycott is being heard anywhere. Those companies who become advocates of ethics, they are also silent about this.

Why companies have kept silence

About 5 billion people will watch the Football World Cup, which is about two-thirds of the world’s population. Now so many people will see that big companies are also ready to spend money to deliver their products to them.

Bloomberg News contacted 76 companies that sponsor the tournament or participating teams, from Adidas AG and Coca-Cola to Volkswagen AG and Microsoft Inc’s XBox. These companies are from places where there is the most criticism about human rights against Qatar.

None of FIFA’s seven sponsors said they would change advertising plans because of human rights issues. Of the 69 sponsors of national teams taking part in the World Cup, 20 have declared their commitment to human rights but have declined to comment on how they will change their marketing.

Thirteen companies said they would make adjustments but some of them have strong business ties to Qatar.

Questions on hosting Qatar but silence on finances

From the head of FIFA to human rights activists, there is opposition to the holding of the Football World Cup in Qatar. However, there is silence from the financial point of view.

Football has billions of fans around the world, so at a time when the world economy is going through a difficult time, companies are trying to get in the eyes of as many people as possible through a logo or marketing slogan.

According to an estimate, FIFA will make a record profit from this World Cup and the level of $ 540 million in Russia can be crossed four years ago.

There are concerns about human rights, but according to Sarah Siman, a European media analyst at Berenberg Bank in London, this is a once in four years tournament, so companies will not miss taking advantage of this opportunity.

Companies are prepared to pay more and more money for advertisements on important occasions like Olympics, Super Bowl and World Cup.

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